"For over a decade, I have been implementing programs and providing services to children, youth and families.  I truly believe that when individuals and families are given the right tools and resources, they thrive.  It is time for our community to have a leader that is personable and puts the needs of the community first.  I am confident in my ability to be the change and leader that District 2 needs and deserves ."
Creating a clear PATH for the residents of District 2
Public Safety

Work to create a safer community by collaborating with the police district that will bring forth real strategies for real issues.

  1. Enhance lighting around small businesses

  2. Working with police officers to identify how to build stronger relationships with them, community and the youth

Target Small Businesses

Target small business to retain and bring new businesses to the community and increase the economic power in the 2nd district.

  1. Quarterly small business meet ups in the district.  A chance for businesses to connect, network, and utilize each other as a resource or partnership

  2. Assist small businesses in accessing grants that are available for them

  3. Bringing sustainable businesses to the area


Work to bring more initiatives and enhance the academic experience to the schools in the district so that every child is thriving and successful.

  1. Big Brother/ Big Sister initiative in District 2 schools

  2. District 2 Math & Spelling Bee

  3. Youth community  service initiative, connecting youth with small business  owners to help bridge the gap of business sustainability and youth working initiatives

  4. Working to get our library back in the District

Healthy Families for Healthy Communities

Work to advocate for more early childhood education programs, elder care, and sustainable jobs.

  1. Advocating for more funding to assist with early childhood education programs

  2. Ensuring resources are available for families who have children between the ages of 0-5

  3. Implementing community  parenting workshops on healthy eating, budgeting, and parenting techniques

  4. Connecting our seniors with resources and support



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